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Liquid Gasket
Retaining / Sealing Compounds
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1215  1207B  1104  1211  1212  1207C  1305  1322  1324  1342
1377  1386B  1786  1102  2089  391D  SBC-480  6602  1803C  6601J

Liquid Gasket

1215 RTV Silicone Grey
Superior resistance to engine and gear oils. Use for transmissions, differentials, oil pans, oil and water pumps.

Part # TB006 — 250g Tube
Part # TB007 — 330g Cartridge

Technical specification
1104 Synthetic rubber Black
Developed for low temperature use and fine gap fill. Can be used in conjunction with a conventional gasket.

Part # TB008 - 50ml Tube
Part # TB009 - 100g Tube
Part # TB010 - 200g Tube

Technical specification
1207B RTV Silicone Black
Excellent resistance to high temperatures. Use for sealing flanges and surfaces in direct contact with the cylinder head.

Part # TB004 - 100g Tube
Part # TB005 - 340g Cartridge

Technical specification
1211 RTV Silicon2 White
High resistance to vibration and frequent temperature cycles. Use for oil pans, chain and crank case on motorcycles and diesel engines.

Part # TB011 - 100g Tube

Technical specification
1212 RTV Silicone Grey
General purpose RTV silicone sealer. Can be used for most automotive applications.

Part # TBSS1 - 85g Tube
Part # TBSS2 - 330g Cartridge

Technical specification
1207C RTV Silicone Red
Fast curing sealant with high tolerance to pressure. Ideal for oil pans, thermostats, oil and water pumps, front and rear covers etc.

Part # TB001 - 85g Tube
Part # TB002 - 150g Tube
Part # TB003 - 330g Cartridge

Technical specification

Retaining & Sealing Compounds

1305 Stud Fix & Seal Green
High strength. Fast setting. Good chemical resistance. Use for permanent fixing of studs, bolts and screws.

Part # TB100 - 10ml Bottle
Part # TB101 - 50g Bottle
Part # TB102 - 250g Bottle

Technical specification
1322 Bearing Fix & Seal Red
Low strength. Fast setting. Good chemical resistance. Use for fixing of bearings requiring frequent removal.

Part # TB115 - 10ml Bottle
Part # TB116 - 50g Bottle

Technical specification
1324 Nut Fix & Seal Red
Medium strength. Fast setting. Good chemical resistance. Use for fixing of nuts and bolts requiring occasional removal.

Part # TB103 - 10ml Bottle
Part # TB104 - 50g Bottle

Technical specification
1342 Screw Fix & Seal Blue
Low strength. Fast setting. Normal chemical resistance. Use for fixing of screws requiring more frequent removal.

Part # TB106 - 10ml Bottle.

Technical specification
1377 Anaerobic Adhesive Sealer Green
High strength. Fast setting. Good chemical resistance. Use for fixing and sealing of medium to large press fit parts such as shafts.

Part # TB109 - 10ml Bottle
Part # TB110 - 50g Bottle

Technical specification
1386B Welsh Plug Adhesive & Seal
Medium strength. Fast setting. Good chemical resistance. Use for fixing and sealing of press fit parts such as welsh plugs.

Part # TB112 - 10ml Bottle
Part # TB113 - 50g Bottle
Part # TB114 - 250g Bottle

Technical specification


1786 Instant Adhesive
Heavy duty adhesive, bonds in seconds. Use for bonding various materials such as ceramics, glass, metals, plastic and rubber.

Part # TB200 - 3ml Tube

Technical specification
1102 Gasket Adhesive
For use in conjunction with and to enhance the sealing properties of conventional sheet and rubber gasket.

Part # TB012 - 100g Pot

Technical specification
2089 Metal Epoxy Putty
Two part room temperature curing epoxy adhesive. Use for filling, sealing, bonding and repairing of metal parts including steel, aluminium and cast iron. Can also be used on a variety of other materials including wood, glass, ceramic, rock etc.

Part # TB201 - 80g Tube

Technical specification


391D Gasket Remover
Fast activating, heavy duty agent for removing all types of liquid and solid gaskets, packing and sealing materials, scorched carbon and oil.

Part # TB014 - 420ml Aerosol

Technical specification
SBC Super Brake Cleaner
Superior brake cleaner. Proven reduction in braking distances.

Part # TB018 - 480ml Aerosol

Technical specification
6602 Super Cleaner
General purpose rapid drying cleaner.

Part # TB119 - 480ml Aerosol

Technical specification
1803C Super Lubricant
A multipurpose lubricant used for moisture-proofing, rust prevention, lubrication and screw loosening.

Part # TB015 - 400ml Aerosol

Technical specification
No image yet 6601J Super Engine Conditioner
Without dismantling the throttle body, injector & combustion chamber, Super Engine Cleaner is able to clean up the fuel injector, intake valves & combustion chamber. As a result it will restore lost power and reduce exhaust emissions.

Part # TB019 - 400ml Aerosol

Technical specification